RCRC Research Map

Committed to Advancing the Humanitarian Mission through Evidence and Learning.

What is this map for?

This map is a collection of past and current research activities, studies, and academic papers that are supported by the members of the Research Consortium and captures some of the research activities which, when considered as a whole, would rival most universities, academic and research institutions.

Research activities, studies and academic papers currently on the map.
Contributors: IFRC Global and Regional Centers, ICRC, National Society Resource Centers, Academic Institutions, etc.

Who's contributing?

The RC3 is the Red Cross and Red Crescent Research Consortium. RC3 members are the main contributors to the map.

This network is an open and coordinated distributive network of entities and initiatives created within the International Movement, that is entirely or partially dedicated to research, scientific methodologies, tools, or knowledge production activities.

Besides connecting their specific expertise, RC3 members join forces to support the International Movement to achieve its community-driven goals and missions aligned with the IFRC and ICRC strategic frameworks.


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