Guidance material, Report
10 Apr 2024
In the face of increasing extreme weather events and other hazards, Early Warning Systems can provide vulnerable populations with information that may enable them, and their duty bearers, to prevent predictable crisis impacts. To be effective, early ...
Tags: Guidance material, Report, Early Warning Systems, Youth Disaster Preparedness
08 Apr 2024
Heatwaves have an immense impact on the health and well-being of people around the world, especially in urban centres. Although growing in recognition, their severity often remains overlooked as a hazard or is addressed too late. This manual was deve...
Tags: Manual, Heat Wave, Shelter
05 Apr 2024
Download Full report: Understanding Climate Change – Coastal and Displacement This study presents a synthesis of the currently available data, analysis and projections, and reports on climate induced displacement and migration in coastal commun...
Tags: Research, Climate Change Adaptation, Flood, Migration, Urban Preparedness
27 Mar 2024
By Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP), March 2024 Now in their third year, the State of Play reports provide snapshots of international, regional and national investments, commitments and activities linked to early warning and early action...
Tags: Report, Behavior Change and Disaster Preparedness, Business Preparedness, Climate Change Adaptation, Early Warning Systems
27 Mar 2024
This report summarizes the findings of the Resilience Series, a collaboration between Climate Group and Lloyd’s Register Foundation. Below are the findings of the Series – the challenges, the barriers, but also recommendations that will help ...
Tags: Report, Behavior Change and Disaster Preparedness, Capacity Building for Disaster Risk Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Community Risk Assessment, Hazard, Resilience and Disaster Risk Management
26 Mar 2024
Due to climate change, a growing number of people around world are facing serious health risks from exposure to heat inside their own homes, or in public or privately managed facilities, such as schools, health facilities, prisons or care homes. With...
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Data set
22 Mar 2024
The Resilient Planet Data Hub is a resource that provides open data about climate and environmental risks. The hub offers high-quality data that is globally consistent. The hub’s Global Resilience Index (GRI) Risk Viewer compares risks from var...
Tags: Data set, Risk Assessment, Risk Transfer and Disaster Management
Case Study, Report
21 Mar 2024
The Developing Risk Awareness through Joint Action (DARAJA) project is a collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing weather and climate information services (WCIS) for urban communities, with a particular focus on vulnerable populations residing in ...
Tags: Case Study, Report, Community Engagement and Accountability, Early Warning Systems
Case Study
19 Mar 2024
Cette étude de cas rend compte des expériences de la Croix-Rouge Burkinabe travaillant sur «Communication des risques pour l’alerte précoce et l’action rapide à l’aide du protocole d’alerte commun (PAC) ». L’étude de cas a été éla...
Tags: Case Study, Early Warning Systems
Guidance material
15 Mar 2024
This Handbook on Disaster Law Reform provides guidance on how to run an effective and inclusive legal review process, which harnesses the knowledge and experience of a broad range of actors and stakeholders to develop strong legal arrangements for di...
Tags: Guidance material, Disaster Law
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