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Linear LED Lighting fixtures provide seamless, even lighting throughout a space. These lights are perfect for offices, commercial buildings, retail stores, industrial spaces, and even some residential spaces. From suspended fixtures to flush mount, we offer a wide selection of Linear LED Lighting fixtures to create the perfect atmosphere or working environment in any space. Have a large project to bid on? Contact our Wholesale Team see what wholesale discount pricing may apply to your order!

Energy-efficient and effective, linear LED fixtures are perfect for illuminating large commercial spaces.  

What Is a Linear LED Light?

As the name suggests, linear light fixtures feature a long housing in which multiple LEDs are fixed. There are many types of linear LED light fixtures, including surface mounted, linear pendants, suspended, recessed, ceiling mounted and linear accent lighting. Deciding which type of system is best for which commercial or public application can be done in consultation with a LightUp expert with knowledge of the field.

Why Use a Linear LED Light System?

Used for commercial or public spaces that require consistent lighting over long runs, linear LED fixtures are a cost-effective choice. Some other advantages of choosing a linear LED light system include:

•             They offer flexibility. With connecting corner shapes and cross junctions, they can be customized precisely to the space.

•             They come in a wide range of color temperatures. From warm white to cool white, LED temperature gradients can suit any lighting environment. Most are dimmable.

•             They offer even lumen output. For spaces where consistent quality of light is important, lumen output needs consideration.

•             They deliver superior performance. LEDs are directional, reducing the need for add-on reflectors and diffusers that can reduce efficiency.

•             Designers love the aesthetic possibilities. These fixtures are good for long linear runs, accent lighting and custom design features.

Which Brand Is Best for Linear LED Fixtures?

We carry a full range of high quality LumeGen Linear LED light fixtures, from strip lights to shop lights to accent lights. 

Linear LED for Efficiency 

Linear LED light fixtures can solve many commercial lighting problems, from safety concerns to issues of scale. Over recent years, they've become more economically feasible and present great return on investment through significant savings on energy efficiency and longevity. And when you factor in a range of available commercial rebate programs from the U.S. government and other sources, their value is impressive.

LED Emergency Backup Drivers

We also offer LED Emergency Backup Drivers to go with your LED Fixture to provide emergency lighting in the event of primary power disruption. Shop a variety of wattages and output voltages to keep your LED fixtures running through an emergency. Shop LED Emergency Backup Drivers now!

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