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LED Linear High Bays

LED Linear High Bays

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Maintain a safe and well-lit workspace for employees with linear high bay LED lighting. Brands such as LumeGen provide a broad range of linear high bay lighting for shops, industrial environments and other commercial properties.

What is High Bay Lighting?

High bay lighting refers to light fixtures which are designed to illuminate spaces whose ceilings are 15-45 feet or higher from the ground. High bay light fixtures are often more powerful and require more energy than other forms of lighting due to the height from the ground they are mounted at. LED high bay lighting is up to 70% more energy-efficient than traditional forms such as metal halide.

Where Are High Bay Lights Typically Used?

High bay lights are ideal in areas where ceilings are elevated between 20 and 45 feet off the floor. This type of lighting incorporates light diffusers and reflectors to reduce glare in industrial and commercial work environments. This style of lighting is often found in warehouses, gyms and large retail spaces. Some high bay LED lights are designed specifically for use in areas that require bright, high-quality light, including mechanic shops and manufacturing facilities.

Adding the Right Amount of Lighting to Your Space

To achieve the right level of light, consider how much lighting should be added to a space. Because the ceiling is generally high off the ground when adding industrial high bay LED lights or commercial high bay LED lights, it's important to install the right number of high bay light fixtures to give off enough light. Essentially, the higher the ceiling is from the floor, the more lights are needed. That being said, it's also important to be able to control the flow of light, which is why it's useful to install high bay dimmable LED lights in spaces where lights are generally on 24 hours a day but where full intensity isn't required. Another energy-saving add-on option are motion sensors, which can turn the light on or off depending on if motion is detected.

The Benefits of LED Lighting

LEDlighting is energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional metal halide bulbs or fluorescent tubes, which helps businesses reduce energy costs and maintenance costs while remaining environmentally conscious. LED fixtures have the LED chips integrated into the fixture meaning no re-lamping during the entire lifetime of the LED fixture. LEDs are tested to last upwards of 50,000 hours of operation, some even lasting more than 100,000 hours of operation.

Another benefit is the range of color temperatures available with LED fixtures. 4000K and 5000K color temperatures are the most popular light temperatures for this applications. 4000K is a more neutral, white light while 5000K is a cooler, more daylight feel. Color temperatures of 4000K and higher are recommended for applications where work is being done and has been shown to help increase productivity and decrease eye strain.

Furthermore, LED lights can operate in both hot and cold conditions, making them an ideal choice for warehouses and other industrial workplaces that are often subject to external temperature influence. 

Linear High Bay LED Lighting Options

Linear commercial high bay LED lights are rectangular in shape and cast light in a linear, rectangular pattern. This makes them a good fit for large open spaces with aisles, such as workshop bays, warehouse aisles and retail aisles. 

Linear LED high bay light fixtures can be installed in the ceiling or hung from chains to add lighting closer to the floor. At LightUp, customers can shop from a broad range of high bay LED lighting from top suppliers such as Sylvania and LumeGen.

Rebates for High Bay LED Lights

Across the United States, commercial rebate programs exist to help companies reap the benefits of installing energy-efficient LED lighting at their properties. Purchasing LED high bay light fixtures may qualify customers for one of these rebates, which are provided by utility companies, state governments and nonprofit organizations.

LED Emergency Backup Drivers

We also offer LED Emergency Backup Drivers to go with your LED high bay light fixtures to provide emergency lighting in the event of primary power disruption. Shop a variety of wattages and output voltages to keep your LED high bay light fixtures running through an emergency. Shop LED Emergency Backup Drivers now!

Common Questions for Linear LED High Bay Light Fixtures

How many high bay led lights do I need?

The number of LED high bay lights needed for any project is determined by multiple factors such as dimensions of lighted area, mounting height and brightness desired at working level. Consult with an electrician or an online lighting layout tool to help estimate the number of LED high bay fixtures needed for any given space.

What Height should my high bay LED lights be?

The height for mounting LED high bay fixtures can range anywhere from 15-45 feet and depends on the wattage (brightness) of the fixture. These fixtures typically hang a few feet from the ceiling surface and from 15-45 feet above the ground level.

What is the difference between high bay and low bay LED lights?

Low bay fixtures are generally for ceilings 15 feet or lower from the ground while high bays are for ceilings 15-45 feet above the ground.High bay lights are much more powerful than low bay lights since they are mounted further from the ground.

What kind of LED High Bay Lights are recommended for warehouse lighting?

Linear high bay light fixtures are recommended for warehouse aisle due to the linear light spread while UFO light fixtures are recommended for open areas. The mounting height of the fixture will help determine the wattage of high bay fixture that will be needed.

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