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LED Vapor Tight Lighting

LED Vapor Tight Lighting

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Shop our selection of LED Vapor Tight Lighting for harsh or wet environments. These fixtures are perfect for locations such as car washes or wash-down rooms and are built to withstand impact and weather. Our LED Vapor Tight fixtures are energy efficient, require no replacement bulbs or tubes, and are easy to install. We offer wholesale pricing for qualifying orders, click here to see if you qualify for wholesale pricing!

Commercial LED Lighting - What is a Vapor Tight / Vapor-Proof Light Fixture?

LED Vapor Tight (also known as Vapor-Proof) light fixtures are designed to be protected from dust, moisture, or gases. Vapor tight lights have strong housings that stand up to the elements and resist corrosion and rust. The light sources are completely sealed with gaskets to prevent any moisture or gases from entering the fixture. They replace traditional fluorescent or incandescent vapor tight fixtures and eliminate the need to replace burnt out bulbs with their integrated LEDs which are rated to last at least 50,000 hours and in many cases much longer!

Where are Vapor Tight Fixtures commonly used?

LED Vapor Tight lights are commonly used where normal fixtures or exposed bulbs won't work, such as wet or harsh environments. Different types of vapor tight lights can be mounted to ceiling or walls. They are perfect for car washes, parking garage, maintenance areas, breweries, exposed stairwells or shopping centers. Some can be used in walk-in coolers or refrigerators as long as they are within the fixture's rated temperature range.

What are the different types of Vapor Tight Lights?

There are three main types of Vapor Tight lights: UFO High Bays, Linear Vapor Tight Fixtures, and Jars (or Jelly Jars).

UFO High Bays are perfect for illuminating large open spaces and mounted more than 12 feet high.

Linear Vapor Tight Lights can be mounted to a ceiling or wall and is great for row mounting and illuminating long corridors or walled off spaces.

Jelly Jar fixtures are wall mounted and used to illuminate near doorways. Some can be pendant or ceiling mounted. Perfect for small spaces where not a lot of light is needed.

Rebates for Vapor Tight Lights

Certain LED vapor tight lights can qualify for energy rebates throughout the United States. Commercial rebate programs exist to help companies reap the benefits of installing energy-efficient LED lighting at their facilities. Purchasing LED vapor tight lights may qualify customers or one of these rebates, which are provided by utility companies, state governments and nonprofit organizations. Lightup offers a Rebate Assistant program which can help guide you to a rebated LED in your area!

LED Emergency Backup Drivers

Lightup offers LED emergency backup drivers to go with your LED vapor tight lights to provide emergency lighting in the event of primary power disruption. Shop a variety of wattages and output voltages to keep your LED fixtures running thought an emergency. Shop LED Emergency Backup Drivers now!

New to LED lighting terminology? Check out our Glossary of Terms

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