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Shop our large selection of LED high bay lights from round UFOs to linear high bays! Whether you need to illuminate a large open space or aisles in a warehouse, we will have a high bay to properly illuminate any space with a ceiling higher than 12 feet. Our LED high bays are energy efficient, require no replacement bulbs, and easy to install. We offer wholesale pricing for qualifying orders, click here to see if you qualify for wholesale pricing!

Commercial High Bay LED Lights - What is High Bay LED Lighting?

LED high bay lights are an energy-efficient replacement for traditional fluorescent, high-pressure sodium (HPS), and metal halide (MH/HID) high bay lights that are used in high-ceiling applications. LEDs high bay lights use less energy to emit the same level of lights as a fluorescent tube or HPS or HID bulb, making LED high bay lights a more efficient way to illuminate large areas. LED high bays also tend to last much longer with tested life hours exceeding 50,000 operational hours. LED High bay lights can come in either a round UFO style for large open spaces or linear footprint for aisle applications. High Bay fixtures are ideal for warehouses, factories, shops, gymnasiums, or any other large area with a ceiling higher than 12 feet.

What is the difference between high bay and low bay LED Lights?

High Bay LED lights are intended for spaces where the fixture mounting height is greater than 12 feet height while low bay LED lights are for lower mounting heights (hence the names high bay and low bay). High Bay LED lights often require more LEDs and more power than low bay LEDs because the light needs to travel further from the LED fixture to the work surface.

Types of LED High Bay Light Fixtures

The two main types of LED High Bay Lights are round "UFO" High Bays and rectangular Linear High Bays.

UFO High Bay Lights

Round LED UFO High Bay lights primarily replace high-pressure sodium or metal halide high bays. They can be pendant mounted from a single cable or chain or they can be surface mounted with proper brackets. Accessories such as reflectors or motion sensors are available to help control the light from UFOs even more. Common applications for UFO High Bay lights are open warehouses, gymnasiums, big-box retail stores, or industrial factories.

Linear High Bay LED Lights

Linear high bay lights are rectangular in shape and cast light in a more linear, rectangular pattern making them ideal for large open spaces with aisles such as workshop bays, warehouse aisles, and retail aisles. LED Linear high bay lights can be installed suspended from the ceiling via chains or flush mounted with the right brackets. Accessories such as wire guards and motion sensors are available to help protect and control the light even more.

How do you choose LED High Bay lights?

To choose the right LED high bay light you should evaluate the indented location to determine what kind of space needs illuminated, what are the tasks being done in the space, and how high will this be mounted. Ask yourself these series of questions:

  1. Is the space open or contain aisles? Open spaces are more suited for round UFO High Bays that evenly illuminate a large open space. Aisles are more suited for linear high bays where they can direct the light down the aisle to illuminate only what's needed.
  2. What tasks are being done in the space? Determine what is being done in the space will be important to know how much light is needed and what color temperature the light should be at. Different industries and different tasks require different amounts of light and different qualities or the facility manager may have a preference. The amount of light needed will determine what wattage of high bay you will need in order to supply the correct amount of light at the work level. Color temperature can also factor into the decision, some tasks are better done at 5000K while others are better at 4000K.
  3. How high will they be mounted? Knowing at what height the fixture will be mounted will help determine what wattage you need in order to provide the right amount of light at the work level.
  4. What are other location factors to consider? In some cases, you may need to install a light in a sensitive location such as food process or somewhere with heavy dust or water exposure. Knowing all location factors will help you select high bays with the right specifications such as IP-65 (wet rated) or NSF rated for locations that process or store food.

How many LED high bay lights do I need?

Now that you have narrowed down your selection of LED high bay lights that you may want to go with, it's time to determine the number of high bay lights needed for a project. You must first determine the dimensions of the space and the height they will be mounted. A general rule is to provide spacing between high bays equal to the height they are mounted: so a 20ft mounting height would equal a 20ft space between fixtures. If you would like more precise layouts, contact our wholesale department and work with an expert to come up a layout plan. Our wholesale department has access to lighting layout tools which can assist in determining the spacing and total number of lights needed for a project.

Rebates for LED High Bay Lights

LED High Bay lights (UFOs and Linear High Bays) can qualify for energy rebates throughout the United States. Commercial rebate programs exist to help companies reap the benefits of installing energy-efficient LED lighting at their facilities. Purchasing LED high bay lights may qualify customers or one of these rebates, which are provided by utility companies, state governments and nonprofit organizations. Lightup offers a Rebate Assistant program which can help guide you to a rebated LED in your area!

LED Emergency Backup Drivers

Lightup offers LED emergency backup drivers to go with your LED high bay to provide emergency lighting in the event of primary power disrupton. Shop a variety of wattages and output voltages to keep your LED high bays running thought an emergency. Shop LED Emergency Backup Drivers now!

New to LED lighting terminology? Check out our Glossary of Terms

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